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Problems with VAT reimbursement

Toll fees and diesel fuel attract a VAT in most parts of Europe. This can in most cases be reclaimed from the international revenue authorities. The only problem with this is that the incurred VAT varies from one country to another and the formalities involved in VAT reimbursements are regulated differently in the various countries.

To spare the international transport system of the trivialties of applying for such a complicated process, Easytrip has specialized in taking over this process on a commission basis and the beaurocratic efforts involved, to a large extent. :

  • from identifying the documents that can be reclaimed.
  • right through the request for VAT reimbursement
  • upto the transfer of money to the required account

Here we follow the no cure no pay Principle. This means that an honorary is accrued only in the event of a reimbursement.

The advantages are obvious: we collect all your invoices during the course of the year and process them as and when they arrive, in our software. At this time, we also quickly check when its best to present your application: for example, after a quarter or six months or once a year. An individual service, where we also give you tips on how best to apply for your VAT refunds.