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3316 BP Dordrecht
The Netherlands

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What is Easytrip?

For more than 20 years, Easytrip has been taking away some of the hassles of international transport companies on European roads, rails and sea routes. Problems like:

  • Expensive interim stops for toll payments when using roads or tunnels
  • Time-consuming formalities for VAT reimbursement
  • Untrackable fuel bills with a number of documents with varying origins and more.

Easytrip equips international transport companies with beneficial services for processing toll fees, VAT reimbursements, fuel service, train and ferry reservations. The cards can be used by companies on their routes via roads, rails and sea; providing the best service while travelling and crossing throughout Europe.


Easytrip helps you save time and money

With Easytrip, you have cards that do not require you to stop at most toll gates. Even the cumbersome formalities to apply for VAT reimbursements can be taken over by Easytrip on your behalf. We will send you a summary with specifications, so you can keep yourself updated on all the claims you make.

Easytrip regulates all this and more request: assessor with a lot of experience in processing on provisional basis, at fair prices.


Why is Easytrip interesting to you?

Time is money? More than any other place, in the international transport business, Easytrip helps you reduce your processing time thus giving you a series of advantages:

  • Price advantage through higher discounts and other price reductions
  • Extended payment periods as a result of a summarized settlement
  • A summarized cost statement for each motor vehicle
  • Monthly billing in just one currency (Euro)
  • Option of receiving bills via E-Mail
  • Significantly reduced administrative work
  • No need to correspond in foreign languages
  • Personal and professional service
  • Security of contact point all over Europe.