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Our services

Easytrip provides you with valuable services throughout Europe. 

Toll payments: Easytrip provides Service with experience

It is not easy for Transport motor vehicles that frequent european roads, to keep track of their toll payments. The Easytrip cards provide a simple, cost-effective and experienced solution, a summarized statement. 

VAT reimbursement: without any effort

Many countries within and outside the EU charge VAT on toll fees, diesel etc. In most cases they can be reimbursed through an application. With the help of Easytrip and its partners in each of these countries the effort involved in doing this is now minimal. 

Additional services: Extra services for card holders

Easytrip collaboration with their estimated partners allows you to profit from their knowledge and services of their partners. As a card user you will automatically benefit from the economical terms of our Europe-wide, 24 hour, flat-tyre repair service. 

The advantages of Easytrip services:

  • Save time through effective processing
  • easy payment with increased security
  • reimbursement of international VAT
  • an overall statement of costs
  • significantly reduced administrative work
  • cost benefits ensuing from considerable price discounts and fare provisions
  • customer-friendly and professional service