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Bundle offer Telepass 4 South + Belgian Tax

Bundle Offer

Easytrip Pack: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium

Drive from North to South with:

  • up to 50% rebates
  • 1 unique UBU to drive 15000 km in southern europe
  • 1 unique set of invoice
  • 1 unique customer care in your own language

As an extra advantage, when taking our special Pack, you will benefit from a specific promotion in which Easytrip pays for your Satellic deposit!

Belgian Tax & 4 South: France – Spain – Portgal – Italy – Liefkenshoektunnel + Belgium (Satellic OBU).

  • No deposit (instead of 135 per obu)
  • 3 months subscription free

New! Telepass 4 South solution

Telepass Dual

France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Liefkenshoektunnel

French toll roads, Spanish toll roads, Portuguese toll roads , Italian toll roads and Liefkenshoektunnel in one OBU!
This system makes it for an international transport company possible, to pay automatically the tolls in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with only one On Board Unit (OBU). You can also use this OBU to pay the Liefkenshoektunnel in Antwerp (Belgium).

Benefits of the OBU:

  • Electronic specifications of the tolpassages
  • Discount in France, Spain, Italy and the Liefkenshoektunnel
  • 5 countries in one OBU


Registration for the Belgian Toll

Easytrip is your partner for the payment of the Belgian Toll.
To register your company with Easytrip please click on the below link and complete the contact form.

Register for Belgian Toll

Printscreen Logpay LP

Questions and facts about the Belgium Toll

When will  the kilometre charging system start?
The Belgium road pricing system will be launched on April 1st 2016. Users can obtain an On Board Unit (OBU) from October 1st  2015.

What kind of system is used?
A satellite-based system has been developed for distance-based tolls, including On Board Units.

Which vehicles does have to pay the kilometre charging system?
All trucks, both domestic and foreign, with a permissible  weight of more than 3.5 tonnes driving on Belgium roads from April 1st  2016.

What are the rates for the Belgium  toll?
The rates for Flanders and Wallonia are equal. Rates are higher in Brussels.
Click here for the rate schedule

What are the factors to calculate  the amount of tolls?
Three factors which affecting the amount are: the total weight of the truck, the Euro emission class and the road which is being driven.

Should I still pay for a Euro vignette when the Belgium toll begins?
You don’t have to pay the Belgium vignette  anymore from the moment the Belgium toll officially begins. But you still have to pay the Euro vignette if you drive through the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and / or Luxembourg.

Is the Belgium toll subject to VAT?
In Flanders and Brussels, the tolls are not subject to VAT. In Wallonia, the toll roads are partially subject to VAT because these roads are managed by another company.