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How does Easytrip help reimburse VAT?

Once you have requested Easytrip to process all your reimbursement procedures, the following will be required from you::

  • Original invoices with international VAT
  • Invoice details:
    • Name, correct address, VAT number of the supplier
    • Name, correct address, VAT number of your company
    • Description and quantity of the procured goods/ services.
    • Invoice and delivery date
    • Price inclusive of VAT
    • VAT amount and percentage
    • Price exclusive of VAT
    • Invoice number
  • For each country, one original certificate of the local tax office
  • One power of attorney for each country

the VAT should amount to at least 100,- EUR per year/country or 500,- EUR per quarter/country. 

We can however process the reimbursement only if you submit to Easytrip all the VAT reimbursement requests for each country.