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Convenient and quick: the connection between roads and tracks

The rail-road connection is unbeatable for many of the transport routes through the Alps: being the most comfortable, fastest and a particularly environment-friendly alternative. 

Easytrip will book the requested train connection for your motor vehicles and trailers and provides you, with this service, more freedom to carryout your actual activities and save your time. 

The process: as soon as the transports have been loaded from the road, on to low-lying transport vehicles, the journey goes on without trouble onto to the rail. During this tie, the driver is given sufficient place in the escort vehicle with cooking option and a couch. Once it arrives at the destiation highway, the relaxed driver can drive his way out. Is he at the end desitination of this drive before the estimated downtime already one step closer. 

The most frequent RALPIN connections

Basel (Switzerland) Lugano (Switzerland)
Freiburg (Germany) Novara (Italy)

The most frequent Rola-connections (“Rolling Roads”)

Brenner (Italy) Wörgl (Austria)
Trento (Italy) Wörgl (Austria)
Trento (Italy)
Salzburg (Austria) Villach (Austria)
Wels (Austria) Maribor (Slovenia)
Wels (Austria)

Advantages of rail-road combination transportation

  • In every kind of weather
  • Your delivery will arrive on time and securely, at the destination.
  • You can plan your driving efficiently and economically. (The time on the trains regarded as resting time for the drivers).
  • You will save money, for instance: diesel, toll costs, travel expenses and also time.
  • Clever use of vehicles reduces company costs.
  • What is also important: You do your bit to save the environement.

Prices, provisions and fees, on request.